About Us

VEGA Tobacco with its promised slogan: The Taste I like is created after conducting an in-depth market study on thousands of shisha consumers preferred tastes and preferences from all around the globe. Top notch ingredients have been combined to make the world’s premium handmade mixes of fresh first-class Virginia tobacco leaves, purest glycerin, honey and notes specially acquired and developed for you to say: Vega The taste I like!

VEGA Tobacco assures a long lasting, full bodied flavor which mirrors exactly its elegant and delightful taste, reproduced by no other. A distinguished smoking experience, mouth full flavored shisha, with thick clouds assuring you a 100% satisfaction and enjoyment.

Our modern approach to a traditional mixture offers wide range of pleasing delicate tastes and flavors. Our Tobacco provides a rich smoke adjusted to bring out the slight sweetness and with tender notes of flavors, it is wonderfully delightful. Our overpowering different blends of Vega Tobacco made it taste unique and mouth melting.

We offer generous and economic size quantities to meet our customer’s needs, in addition to our highly stylish packaging designed for guaranteed freshness.