Vega hookah tobacco can be enjoyed with a variety of hookah bowl including classic and modern flavors, with long lasting session. Each blend features sweet juicy cut with a different undertone, in addition that each collection puts a focus on single note fruit flavors like Apple, Grape, Watermelon, Blueberry.

Akoya: A precious flavor inspired by Akoya

Apple Lemonade: A combination of apple flavor perfectly blended with fresh Lemonade finish

Astana: A fruit mix with a powerful fresh citrus finish

Black Grape: Black Grape has a delicious, ripe from the vine grape flavor.

Blue Mountain: A mix of wild berry with breeze of mint

Blueberry Blue: A mix of natural blueberries flavor

Candy Cola: A unique mix of candy and cola

Citrus Mint: A combination of citrus flavors perfectly blended with fresh minty finish

Cool Mint: A cooling mix of mint flavor

Cosmopolitan: Adventurous and juicy shisha tobacco

Dual Apple: The original taste dual Apple taste

Fresh Peach: The original taste of sweet peach

Fruit Mix: A combination of fruit cocktail flavors.

Icy Grape: Cool and flavorful mint and Grape combination

Icy Grapefruit: Cool and flavorful mint with Grapefruit combination.

Icy: Super cool minty combination

Lemon Mint: A mix of lemon perfectly blended with minty finish.

Maracuja: A mix of the original passion fruit

Melon Honey Dew: A mix of sweet melon with a touch of honey flavor.

Orange and Cream: A mix of sweet orange with a touch of smooth cream flavor.

Orange: A mix of the original Orange fruit

Peach Caramello: A mix of sweet peach with a touch of caramel flavor.

Pear: A deliciously unique sweet pear flavor

Pineapple Slices: The original taste of sweet pineapple

Red Fruits: A combination of red fruit cocktail flavors.

Red Grape: The original taste of red grape

Royal Mint: A delicious, powerful old fashioned peppermint flavor.

Strawberry Margarita: Light cocktail taste, mix of strawberries, orange in addition to fresh lemon.

Tangerine: Powerful juicy tangerine flavor with citrus tangerine flavor.

Tango Frost: A mix of tropical mango

Vega Ocean: A soothing mixture of cool ocean breeze

Watermelon Berry: A mix of watermelon perfectly blended along with a delicious fresh berry.

Watermelon Maracuja: Latin mix of fresh watermelon with Passion fruit

Watermelon: A deliciously sweet watermelon flavor

Note: You must be 18+ years of age or older to use this product